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About Our Mushroom Farm

Pearl and White Elm Oysters growing from oak sawdust substrate in plastic pags.
For the love of Mushrooms

Passion Project to Full-Fledged Farm

I started growing mushrooms in small tent in the guest room in the latter days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tending the fungi became nice break from staring at computer screens all day, day after day. I have always had a passion for science, agriculture, our planet and well... food. Here are these little wildly interesting, adorable organisms that I could cultivate, while learning, connecting with other people and putting food on the table. It was really not long before I had more mushrooms than I knew what to do with. I gave them to friends and neighbors and of course, they wanted more.

I also help run a web development agency, Ecropolis, with my wife Andrea. Our day-to-day keeps us and our team busy building websites and helping manage websites for some truly amazing clients. Andrea gave me a nudge to start a real mushroom farm. "We could rent a warehouse space right behind our office and together we can build websites and grow mushrooms", she said. That's exactly what we did. It took about 4 months to get to our first small harvests flushing.

We had to convert a space that was recently a wood shop into a place to grow mushrooms; complete with working laboratory. We scrubbed top to bottom (including the rafters), painted, finished floors, did some light carpentry and installed HVAC just in time to get through a summer of epic heat. Our entire family pitched to do a great deal of the work ourselves to keep on our tight budget. At the same time, we acquired equipment mostly, used. In fact, my son and I road-tripped to L.A. from Dallas/Fort Worth to bring back several flow-vent hoods. Flow-vent hoods are an important part of the lab that enables us to perform sterile procedures in a HEPA filtered air flow necessary for cultivation. I also bought equipment that wasn't the right equipment🤦‍♂️ and had to finally purchase an new industrial sterilizer as the final piece of the startup and get us on our way to production. We are still figuring a lot out as we go, but that's the fun of starting a new business. It is always an adventure.

Mushroom Street

“We grow wood-loving mushroom species for gourmet culinary use.”

We manufacture our own grow substrate in the form of hardwood blocks from pure oak sawdust and a mix of additional nutrients. Our substrate is pressure cooked to kill off 99% of contaminants so our mycelium can thrive and fruit into a variety of amazing mushrooms.

Our current mix of species in cultivation consists of mostly Oyster varieties including Golden Oyster, Pink Oyster, White Elm Oyster, Pearl Oyster, Blue Oyster, King Blue Oyster. We also have Chestnut mushrooms in cultivation and will soon add Lion's Mane and as the cooler months come in Nameko.

King Blue Oyster Mushroom

Dallas/Fort Worth's Urban Mushroom Cultivators

Located just a stones throw from downtown Mansfield, Texas just south of Arlington. We're here to serve the DFW area's mushroom loving population. We welcome visitors and have a retail area to serve our customers. The best way to find out what's growing is to stop by.

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