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Mushroom Street presents entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to build a micro farm in your community at the scale you’re comfortable starting at.

Starting a business is daunting but nothing is quite as much fun and rewarding as Mushrooms especially when you can simply focus on production steps that will have your farm growing quality product in a matter of months.

Mushroom Street franchises have access to a wealth of knowledge that will get your Mushroom micro-farm up and running fast and smooth. You will have ongoing support every step of the way and have your questions answered in real time. Supplies and materials for day-to-day production can be a challenge. Mushroom Street is committed to maintaining critical supplies and materials that will keep your operation producing.

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The power of the Internet driving your business on day 1:

Founded by a web developer and designer, Mushroom.St has web marketing and ecommerce baked into its core. You will be able to add your inventory to the mushroom street website and sell products the moment they’re ready. Our network of farms supports each other and creates a scale that delivers a consistently quality product to customers in a timely manner.


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Each of our owners contributes to a brand promise that customers trust for quality and timely delivery of products that can be challenging to find.

CONTACT US to learn more about owning your own mushroom farm and being part of the Mushroom Street family!

Mushroom Street

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