Chili Cookoff Champignon 4oz.


Add Chili Cookoff Champignon to the pot with your favorite ingredients for the perfect, cookoff-winning chili!


In chili of course! Chili Cookoff Champignon could also heat up a tortilla soup, a protein used for a Tex-Mex dish, or for bbq/grilling with a Tex-Mex flare!

Bonus! No more adding cornstarch, extra tomato paste, etc. to thicken up that Chili! The Pure-M Mushroom Powder in this seasoning blend works as a thickening agent to give you the perfect consistency!


Mushroom Street Farms Pure-M Oyster mushroom powder blend, chili powder, paprika, oregano, cumin, onion, black pepper, dried jalapeño, cayenne pepper, salt.



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