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Mushroom Street Urban Farm

Substrate: 'Lignophile' Sterile Hardwood

Substrate: 'Lignophile' Sterile Hardwood

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Our 5 pound 'Lignophile' Sterile Hardwood Mushroom Substrate is perfect for growing most "wood-loving" mushroom species. Our hardwood block acts as an artificial log.

Additional Information:
The substrate is made with a mix of water, pure oak sawdust and soybean hull (an agricultural waste product leftover from pressing oil) and bit of ground oyster shell.

The bag rests for 24 hours before going into a pressure sterilizer for 3 hours to kill 99% of contaminants, including hard-to-kill mold spores. All bags are guaranteed to be contaminant free; if anything doesn't look right, we'll replace it.

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