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Gourmet mushrooms, grow kits, sterilized substrate and grain spawn. Now delivering locally to Mansfield, South Arlington & South Grand Prairie, Texas!

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In House Mycology Lab

The Mushroom Street clean room lab is like the nursery of our operation where we cultivate mycelium to grow the next generation of mushrooms for our customers.

Wood Loving Mushrooms AKA "Lignophiles"

We manufacture our own artificial logs comprised of pure oak sawdust and soybean hull; and agricultural waste from pressing soybean oil. The substrate is contained in a plastic bag and pressure sterilized so that only delicious mushrooms grow.

Indoor Urban Farming

Our Mushrooms are grown indoors a meticulously clean and controlled environment. When the "logs" are fully colonized with healthy mycelium they go into a humidified mylar tent to fruit; usually within a few days that means mushrooms that are ready for your table.

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Mushroom Street Farms is busy cultivating new strains of mushrooms to offer, creating new products to share and learning new things. We look forward to sharing updates as we go without bombarding you and being annoying. Thank you for supporting a small business!

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