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Lion's Mane

Loved the freshness of the Lion's mane and the recipe for Lion's mane crabcakes was so easy and delicious. We served it with a side of Saffron risotto and the pairing was delicious. Thank you!

Earthy Jerky
Shawn Flowers
Earth jerky

Love this alternative

Lion’s Mane Capsules
Jennifer Kaiser
Great people and they had what I wanted!

Highly recommend Mushroom St. Went in for lions main (great for the brain) They had an awesome selection of supplements to suit many needs. While we were there, we got the scoop on some great farm markets in the area!

MushLuv Rub
Mushluv Rub

Purchased Mushluv Rub and used it on chicken breast. It was great. Seasoned the meat then pan sheared them. Put them in the oven for 15mins. It’s a little sweet, a little salty and just a little heat. Flavors mixed well. I will be back for more seasoning.

Oyster Mushrooms
Trisha Moore

Oyster Mushroom (Fresh)

Immorel- Feed Ur Focus
Its alright

It was just alright, wasn’t really a fan.

Boom Bayou Boom

At first I was skeptical but after tasting it I’m in LOVE. Definitely will be buying more

Love your product

The whole team definitely has a passion for what they do. Product was sent quick and efficient. There product is effective as well. Will continue to be a client and supporter for their mission.

Maitake Mushrooms
Ellen Woodward
Need more!

I loved the tinctures and especially the mushrooms!

Earthy Jerky
Desorrow Golden
Very Impressed

I had never heard of mushroom jerky. I love beef jerky but can longer eat it due to a health condition. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how good this non-meat alternative is. Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful innovative product.


Excellent tour! Exceptional in every way! Very informative and fun!
Recommended to many others already!

NOT snake oil. It REALLY WORKS

I wasn't expecting much but I was willing to try. I did get energy immediately. I took under my tongue because I wanted full affect. Because it is made with sugar cane alcohol it burned a little like listerine. It made my stomach growl and hurt when taken on an empty stomach. I ate a breakfast bar 1st the next time. It helped the stomach but the affect wasn't as apparent. I'm glad I tried it. I might buy more.

Maitake Mushrooms
Mindy Burdick


The vendor was so friendly and knowledgeable! I could have listened to him talk all day.

Mushroom Loofah Scrubber
Jade Seastone
Shroooomy vibes

We picked three up of these on the way out. All of my kids love them. They are well made and so cute!

Power Force

I cannot give a review of my new product Power Force, since I've only taken it for 5 days. Currently I cannot tell any difference, but understated per
instruction to take 1ml daily for a week and increase to 2ml the second week depending on how I feel. I haven't been on the Power Force long enough to compare to the combination of 2 ml of Lion's Mane and 2 ml of Reishi, that was first suggested. The 5 star rating I'm giving is for your knowledge of your product, the personal time you have taken with me discussing the difference action each mushroom and suggesting the proper product or combination of products to fit my individual need. Your customer service and individual care rates beyond 5 stars. I will stay with Mushroom St. because of those very reasons. I know in time we'll find the perfect mushroom/mushrooms for me. I have total confidence in your extensive knowledge of your product and your willingness to take the time to work with me as an individual, not just a customer.
Thank you for caring.

Pure M Lion's Mane Powder
Kimberli Hutchins
Excited about my purchase!

I've been searching for lion's man at local grocery stores and have had no luck until I ran into you guys. So exited about my purchase and will be back again.

Earthy Jerky
Zack Brown
Awesome find

What a cool place! The nicest staff, I got to see the farm real quick, so friendly and the jerky is bomb! Can’t wait to be back!

Earthy Jerky
Ariel Desousa
Mushroom Jerky was out of this world delightful!

I got the chance to try the mushroom jerky at the farmers market & fell in love. It’s so chewy and flavorful- I ate the entire package in one sitting!! I’m definitely purchasing more.

Rachel S.
The Best!

Used this on our burgers and WOW! So good! Will continue to use so we can reap the health benefit. Highly suggest, PLUS you're promoting a local business which is ALWAYS the best. Try it!!

Morning Roar
Kristen Floyd
Incredible fine

I had been studying about lion's mane before hand, then when I was at the farmers market one Saturday morning i looked over at the beautiful display of the Lion's mane mushroom.
The Lions made mushroom was amazing and did not disappoint. I seasoned it to taste and had it with a salad which was amazing. I also got the season that they offered as we'll ,one particular one was made with cinnamon and I used that on sweet potatoes. Amazing as well. Again this was such an amazing find and I will definitely will be returning as a returning repeated customer!

Lions Mane Drops

Excellent! Really does help with focus and zero negative effects!

Taste Great!

These are some of the tastiest gummies I've ever had. I only started with one because 2 were too much the first time. I like them a lot!

Good Feel

This was my first time trying Lion's Maine. Your instructions help me to cook and enjoy the product very much. Thank you.

Lions Mane

Picked up at Dallas Farmers Market. Super convenient, very happy to have a lions mane supplier at the market. Great quality and prices!