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Lions Mane (Fresh)
Betty Simms
Good Feel

This was my first time trying Lion's Maine. Your instructions help me to cook and enjoy the product very much. Thank you.

Lions Mane

Picked up at Dallas Farmers Market. Super convenient, very happy to have a lions mane supplier at the market. Great quality and prices!

Farmers Market Trip

I'm so glad that I chose to stop at the Farmers Market this past weekend. Something in my spirit said to make the detour and see what was there. I am fighting a battle with cancer and have been researching the benefits of mushrooms. Than you for your conversation and words of encouragement.


I really like this place. I buy the Lion's Mane ticture and I love it!! The store is super cute with a lot of options. The staff is nice and helpful. It's a blessing to have wellness so close to my house.

Amazing place!

Lions Mane (Fresh)
I. Khalifah
Love Love LOVE Mushrooms

They’re Lions mane mushroom is the best!

Mansfield Garden club tour

The staff and tour were fabulous! It was interesting to learn so much about mushrooms. They have great products and staff is very informative. Will be back!

Hannah Stegemeier
DFM booth

I didn’t catch the guys name but I asked about the benefits of mushroom powder and he explained it very well and that’s the reason I purchased the seasoning. Super excited to try it!

Lions Mane (Fresh)
Juan Dominguez
Great experience

Stop by to buy mushrooms and it ended with a whole tour full of knowledge and excitement, thank all the crew, colby,Michael and Shawn amazing people

Mac-Umami & Cheese
Angela Eaton
Great products

I am enjoying the mushroom gummies and will purchase more soon.

Nancy Foreman
Great Tour

This tour was very interesting. I learned a lot. The guides were very nice and patiently answered all our questions. The mushroom jerky sample was delicious! It was nice to get a credit at their store afterwards. We drove from Richardson and Dallas and are so glad we did!

Cutest Mushroom Earrings

I love my mushroom earrings! I have on set away as a gift :) thank you all for being such nice peeps too!

Fairy Dust
Seth Mcdonald

Fairy Dust

Lions Mane, Mush seasoning, Mushroom Barb Rub

Hello, Have tried 3 of these products. Have not started on the Turkey Tail Yet. The Lions Mane have started the last 2 days. I’m already feeling a mood difference. I have a much more calm inner self if that makes sense. I am excited abt product and anxious to see what other outcomes I experience. The mushroom barb rub was great and also the mushroom seasoning💥💥💥I can’t wait to try the Turkey Tail. My husband is also using the Lions Mane👍 Thank you, Ginger

Great service great products!

My first experience at Mushroom St. Was a huge win! My loved ones absolutely loved the food creations!

Lions Mane (Fresh)
Dyesean Johnson
Lions mane mushroom

The mushrooms were great! As expressed to me the shelf life stood firm around 7-10 days. The flavor and quality were excellent. I definitely will shop and support the brand again.

Love this store!

Love this store! New go to spot for all things mushroom.

Lions Mane

I have only been taking this for about 5 days so I havent noticed any difference yet. Hopefully will start to notice the more I take it.

Lions Mane (Fresh)
John Talamini

Your earthy jerky is off the chain!!!

Lions Mane (Fresh)
Glow Williams
Amazing Services Ever

Very Friendly staffing, I have been coming here before they were officially open and I love them even more now that they are developed! Their shop is so cute and cozy. I recommend to try their seasonings and tinctures! Of course the fresh mushrooms are so fresh and amazing. I personally always get the lions mane pink oyster and blue king oyster muchsrooms

Better Recovery From Training

I am a competitive runner and ever since starting the 7 mushroom blend my sleep scores have been better, I have bounced back and recovered from sessions, and I have had better sessions as a whole, which has been awesome!

Cordyceps Mushroom Tincture
Patrice Santowski
Amazing experience

I recently visited my sister in Arlington Tx, and we happened to notice Mushroom Street farm on our way back to her home one day. We stopped by just a few minutes before closing just to see what it was about. The owners were so warm a gracious to us. They gave us a tour of the facility and explained many of the products.
I have several auto immune diseases that strongly affect my energy level, and cognitive functions. They recommended two of their tinctures ( cordycepts for fatigue and Lions Mane for brain function). I have been using them both for a few weeks now. My energy is way way up, and my thought process and memory are significantly improved. I have now subscribed to both tinctures monthly.
Stopping by was a game changer for me and the quality of my day to day life!

Mac-Umami & Cheese
Kim Anderson

Mac-Umami & Cheese

Earthy Jerky
Vickie Patton
Jerky review

Purchased it for my husband and he loved it.

These guys are so friendly and knowledgeable about their mushrooms. Thank you so much for the tour. I'll definitely be back for more!