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Mushroom Street Urban Farm

Dried Oyster Mushroom Medley

Dried Oyster Mushroom Medley

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Oyster mushrooms have many health benefits and are considered a superfood by
nutritionists because of their high concentraion of healthy vitamins and minerals. Our
mushrooms are grown on hardwood substrate, harvested and dehydrated for peak
flavor. Reconstitute and use in your favorite recipes!

TO RECONSTITUTE: Blanch in boiling water, stock or wine for 2 to 5 minutes or soak dried mushrooms in
warm water for 15-30 minutes, or cold water for 30+ minutes. Strain reconstituted
mushrooms through a coffee filter or fine mesh strainer. Gently rinse under cold
water and pat dry. Reserved liquids can be retained for use in cooked stocks, soups,
and sauces.

*Must be cooked before consuming. NEVER EAT DRIED MUSHROOMS RAW!

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